Praying over you today!

Praying over you today!

I started the morning reading my bible. The book of Psalms described how we are to proclaim God’s work to the generations. As I read the words, I thought, God how can I proclaim you today? Next, I opened my computer and started reading emails. 

Cyber Monday Retreat Sale!

Cyber Monday Virtual Retreat -Half Price Sale with bonus offer ! Do you want more peace and joy this holiday season? I feel called to inspire 100k into kingdom action this Christmas. (Even in lockdowns, closures, elections, and limitations, God is calling us to live with greater 

3 Biggest Mistakes for Women

What gets in the way of living our purpose and doing that “thing” we want to do in our hearts for God? Mistake #1– We get stopped, stuck and stalled and don’t have a way to get recharged. Chocolate is just not gonna do the 

Cause I’m asking You!

Want to know why most women do not step out to communicate the message in their hearts? Reason #1: We wait to be asked! If no one asks us to share or to do something, we keep waiting… and waiting… Okay, so I am officially 

Free Summit, Just for You!

Hi Friend – Im just so excited to be sending you this email. Guess What? I’ve been praying how I can serve you with so much negativity and heaviness in their world. I believe we all need to be inspired and encouraged in our unique