Cause I’m asking You!

Want to know why most women do not step out to communicate the message in their hearts?

Reason #1: We wait to be asked! If no one asks us to share or to do something, we keep waiting… and waiting…

Okay, so I am officially asking YOU, beautiful You to be a part of the upcoming Summit this Friday from 12-5:00pm Eastern Standard Time.

Called to Communicate Summit

Here’s what I think I know about you: ( tell me if I’m wrong)

You do have something unique to say and do in this world, but unspoken fear and doubt on how to proceed can sometimes get in the way. So, we feel stuck and stalled cause we don’t want to make a mistake.

You secretly wonder, ” Am I really qualified to do this?”

You stall with excuses like, ” I don’t have time….or I’m not a public speaker? “

You doubt yourself, ” Does anybody really care about what I have to offer?”

Here’s the truth: There is someone in your future who needs you to invest time in your calling to communicate right now!

God has called every women to share with others. We are called to make an impact and to influence those around us.

Solution: let’s stop getting sidelined by our own insecurity and start moving forward together!!! Yayyyyy!

We need each other for encouragement and insight to motivate our calling.

We Want You!!!!

On Friday, learn how to partner with God, process your passion and get motivated that your message really matters in this world.

Action: Click this link to register and we will see you then!

I can’t wait to see you-


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