Art of My Story

Art of My Story

Weekend Workshop that empowers women to share their unique faith based message and story with authenticity that is life-changing!

In this unique workshop you will learn how to create a message that will:

  • Support the heart of every listener
  • Stick in the mind
  • Send others into life-changing kingdom action!

Art of My Story Testimonials

“The Art of My Story Workshop led by Tracey Russell was just such an Incredible opportunity for the women. Through this workshop Tracey helped to demystify and clarify a process by which to communicate clearly and effectively not only the women’s personal story but to integrate it within a Bible study teaching. Her knowledge and enthusiasm as well as practical experience as a speaker brought authority on the subject. Tracey’s engaging and encouraging approach inspired the women to share their story while incorporating the Word of God, bringing a transparency and authenticity that will make their message meaningful and life changing.

Shannon Davidson, Director of Women’s Ministry, The Shoreline Church

“I have been trying for years for someone to help me learn to communicate clearly. I found the tools in this class. I am super inspired. I want some private coaching to hone my stories but I definitely have a track to run on. Tracey your stories were very clear, you connection and engagement with the class was truly personal and hands on. Overall, win in my book!”

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Registration is currently closed — Stay Tuned for the next Workshop! If you’d like me to do this workshop with your group, please Contact Me.