3 Biggest Mistakes for Women

What gets in the way of living our purpose and doing that “thing” we want to do in our hearts for God?

Mistake #1– We get stopped, stuck and stalled and don’t have a way to get recharged. Chocolate is just not gonna do the trick. Especially now with the pandemic and the problems in our country, it’s easy to let the isolation push us into a corner and limit our vision. God has so much for us than this moment can reveal. We must look forward with faith!

Mistake #2 We believe we are the only ones who are discouraged and we don’t know who to tell that we are really struggling. As women, sometimes we put a whole lot of pressure on ourselves to cheerlead and help others. When it comes to us, we feel alone in our discouragement and don’t want to bother others asking for help. You might be surprised to discover that so many other women are discouraged too. We need each other to move forward collectively!

Mistake #3 We don’t invest in ourselves and the time it takes to find the experts who want to help us go forward with greater confidence, clarity and connection. WE forget that when we invest in ourselves now, we actually invest in the future person who will one day need our message the most. There are unseen people that need what you have in your heart!

That’s why I created Called to Communicate!https://www.calledtocommunicate.com/optin1602106761865

A one day Summit to give you a Free way to invest in your calling, to stop feeling stuck and to get encouraged in your purpose.

Get ready to serve the people who need what is in your heart.

Conference topics:

Unimaginable Influence: Partner with God in Prayer

The Passion Process: how /why to live fully alive as your best self

Your Message Matters: overcome the noise and live your message

Your Pain, Your Passion, Your Purpose

Counter Culture Mom- Speaking up against the Culture

American Voices Wanted: How you can make a difference in this election

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