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  • We have been married for 39 years this year.
    God had been dealing with us for a long time in our life and we thought we
    Were doing our quite time and our bible reading enough but it was just to say
    Say we had done it.
    We was broken (hearts) and didn’t know it.
    God showed us that we had to come to the end of ourselves to have
    That relationship he desires and for us to have a marriage that he wanted
    Us to have.
    When we founded out our son was on drugs at the age of sixteen we
    Had no idea it would take another sixteen years of our life to just get up and
    Go to church and finally say ok God we cannot do this along we need you
    To walk with us.
    We stayed in a cave like David for 16 long years with a broken spirit
    A broken heart and a broken relationship with our almighty God.
    And then One Saturday morning I was doing my quite time with God in
    Our garage all by myself and guess who showed up that’s right God did
    And he pierced my heart and showed me who I really was ( a fake Christian)
    And I have never been the same since that morning.

    I have always spoken to my wife with harsh words but I really didn’t think I
    Did until one night my wife was total honest with me and told me she didn’t appreciate how I had
    Talked to her that night before church.
    Here is what happen;
    It was on a Wednesday night before church and my wife said she needed to
    Go by the school and make sure the doors was locked
    I said ok we need to go now where we won’t be late.
    We get to the school and she gets out to go check the door and I stay in
    My truck looking at my phone and listening to the radio.
    I was in deep thought listing to the radio and then I was scared half to
    Death by My wife hitting the window on my truck hollering for me to come
    Help her get the door locked.
    And boy that really got me going by the time we got to the door I was really
    Running my mouth about why she had to do this and can you not do it
    And who knows what else I said.
    Here’s where God comes in
    I got up the next morning doing my quite time and God really pierced my
    Heart about how I spoke to her.
    He opened my eyes and hears and i could hear a voice saying if
    Your wife can’t seen Jesus in you then nobody else can either
    I was ashamed of how I had
    Spoked to her that night before,
    I cried like a baby that morning because
    I knew now I was wrong.
    So when I go in the house from the garage she is standing at the sink
    Washing dishes and I went straight to her while I was still crying and told
    Her how sorry I was for what I said the night before
    We stood there holding each other crying and then I knew God was
    Working on me BIG TIME.
    Then we had a laugh, I told her the reason I got upset so bad was she has never
    Ever scared me and she scared me to death that night.
    Oh how He is still working on us.
    I hope this makes since because I am not good at writing.

    • Hi Dale, I was just reading through my emails and saw this from you. Thanks so much for reaching out to me. I know you have been through some real struggles and trials. I can relate with how God is at work in the story of your life! I admire you for realizing that God is at work in refining you and calling you to take responsibility for your part. Do not let the enemy bring you down with shame but let God restore you with greater purpose as you trust Him. I have a podcast on renewing your love story. I would love for you to listen at The Heart of the Story Rewriting your Love Story episode number 2 on long features. Blessings to you Dale. I know the Lord will bring you restoration. 2 Chronicles 7:14- If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

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