Praying over you today!

Praying over you today!

I started the morning reading my bible. The book of Psalms described how we are to proclaim God’s work to the generations. As I read the words, I thought, God how can I proclaim you today? Next, I opened my computer and started reading emails.

My heart began to well up reading the words from so many women.

Im so afraid –

I don’t want a divorce-

As a Christian woman, I don’t know what to do…

With every email, I felt a familiar alliance with every person in really difficult marriage story. As wives and mothers, we want to proclaim the Lord to our family. When our marriage is in trouble, it seems to tear at the core of our foundation. Every woman asked me the same question.:

“Will you pray for me?”

So today in my kitchen, I was listening to the song “The Lord Bless You” and my heart was so full of worship to God. Suddenly, the kitchen floor became holy ground. I felt called as an intercessor to pray a blessing over every person, every heart who is living a difficult marriage story.

I lifted up my arms to God and walked into my living room just praising God and proclaiming the words of the song, ” My His favor, be upon you to the thousandth generation, and your family and your children and their children and their children…” I had tears running down my face knowing that generations are relying on our prayers for our family and our marriages. God will be faithful to

As I opened my eyes I realized that I had a full view over the entire city with the sun glistening into my windows. In that moment, I know that God multiplied my prayer and the words of the song for a thousand voices, marriages and a thousand generations.

Oh friend, stay strong in this season of difficulty. I pray that you know that you have an intercessor on the 18th floor and that I was praying over you today.

He will do more than you can dream or imagine. Keep praying!

blessings -Tracey