Lost Relationships?

Lost Relationships?

Yesterday, my daughter confidently “tried” to help me set up my new computer for my birthday. “Mom, Ive got this, I know what I’m doing! “

Not listening to my gut, I hesitantly said, “Okay you can set up the new computer?”

The next day when I logged into my computer, ALL, my files for my new marriage coaching group had been deleted. ALL. MY. WORK! G>O>N>E>

Have you ever had a relationship situation happen and suddenly all your hardworking seems GONE too?

After shock, blaming conversations, and downright frustration, I sat in a puddle of tears with a pile of electronics that made no sense to me. Did I mention how frustrating technology is to me?

Picking up the phone and dialing APPLe care felt hopeless as I already knew I didn’t set things up the right way and I didn’t back up any documents.

After just one phone call, found the right support to restore all the work I thought was lost.

And this is what I want to offer you now! If you are in a difficult relationship, I have recently been training as a coach. I traded in my Occupational Therapy profession to help people to find their story.


I help coaching women who want to discover their story in the middle of feeling like something is lost and they can’t find what they need to move forward.

I offer confidence, courage and clarity on the story in your life to help you move past

the fear that all is lost or that all your hard work in your relationships was deleted!!!

If you are someone you love is interested in Christian coaching on a painful story in their lives

If you would like clarity on how to move forward and restore broken dreams and shattered emotions.

I am one call away! You can respond to this email for information on my groups that are available.

Blessings to you and this country as we find ways to restore what was lost and keep working together for change.


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