The Moving Miracle!

The Moving Miracle!

Hi Friends-

I just wanted to touch base to let you know that I am back in my home state of Florida.

Due to the uncertainty of selling our home in California, Mark wanted to hold off on renting a place in Florida before we moved. ( AHHHHHHH)

I was less than thrilled with this idea because I had absolutely NO security in that waiting time and no ability to plan.

After breaking out in a stress body rash from my anxiety, I decided to trust God and call a few apartments online. ( just in case) I spotted a gorgeous apartment online that was absolutely beautiful. I wanted to rent it right now!

I ran to talk to Mark about getting the apartment before it was gone. Mark shot down the idea. I left California with everything we owned in boxes and felt pretty cheated of my need for security.

I reluctantly prayed even harder for the right place. “God, why can’t I have a little security in life?,” ( insert pity-party)

The day I arrive in Florida, I drove as fast as I could to the apartment. I ran to the rental office and asked if I could rent apartment 1813.

“Im so sorry Mrs. Russell it has already been rented.”

Silently, resentful questions burned in my heart. Why didn’t my husband let me rent that apartment? Why couldn’t God just take care of me for once? Why do I have to go through this frustration and just make life easy?

Defeated and down, I left rental agency. I tried to smile as I told the lady, “You know I really, really wanted to rent that apartment on the 18th floor. I’m so sad…”

That night I discussed the situation with Mark in a unpleasant tone and complained that I didn’t feel he was looking out for MY best interest. He was apologetic but told me that it just wasn’t possible to rent a place during the sale of our home. Again, I prayed silently, “God I feel so displaced and let down right now. Do you really even care about me and don’t I get some points for trying to honor my husband in all this?”

Just as the words of my prayer came out of my mouth, I heard a sound on my cell phone. The lady in the apartment complex emailed me to say:

Dear Mrs. Russell,

“We have never had this happen before but the man who moved into the apartment you wanted called us to tell us he won’t be moving into 1813. The apartment is yours if you would still like to rent it. “

I literally screamed out loud as I read the email. God had heard my prayers and worked a special little miracle for me. The rental is on the top of the building, 18 floors in the sky. In my heart, I laughed thinking God just wanted me to be extra close to him on the top floor.

“Due to the fact that we are using today’s rate for the apartment, you are saving 200$ each month.”

Not only was I blessed to have a place to live, but the delay to my desire ended up saving me money each month. Added blessings galore!!!!

Maybe you are in a situation where you are really questioning if God sees you and knows that you need some security right now. There are blessings you can’t see when you stay close to God.

God promises security to people who trust Him and that security will come in the moment you need it the most. Never doubt that God is working behind the scenes to help you live above the circumstances and see with divine perspective.

As I live here in this apartment, I hope to be staying in better touch with you too. I will be providing my podcast again at The Heart of the Story with Tracey Lynn Russell and I’ve got some great things coming for you!

I hope you are with me for the journey. Remember there is a beautiful purpose waiting for you as you stay close to God.

Blessings, Tracey

If you need prayers, please respond to this email. I take time to respond to each and every one.