Get Audience On Board!

Get Audience On Board!

Did this sign just give the ultimate example for getting your audience on board with your introduction?

The answer is YES!

This sign is posted at the prime entry point for one of the most exciting surf breaks in California. Thousands of people can’t wait to load and unload here for this unique experience. Why is it a no parking zone? It’s only designed to be an entry point and not a parking zone for long terms stays.

Every introduction to a message that matters is a Loading Zone and Not a PARKING ZONE!

Introductions are a 3 minute loading zone for passengers to get on board with the excitement you have for your message. You only have a few minutes to “load” their heart and head with interest. Some examples are:

to ask a great priming question the gets their minds engaged

Reveal a secret and engage curiosity

Find a unique visual aide that stirs emotion

What happens parking in the loading zone?

Imagine your audience is so excited to come and hear what you have to say, but something or someone is parked in the way of their loading zone and it’s YOU!An Introduction is never the time to block your audience with distractions, like parking your talk in neutral with:

-Paper shuffling and putting your head down or referring to their handouts

-Boring details of the day called ” housekeeping” for the event

-referring to unrelated random thoughts or ideas of the moment

– or last but not least, making excuses for your talk before it starts

Instead: Use your three minute loading zone to get every one excited for the ride of lifetime learning about You unique idea.

The most important time for a speaker to engage an audience in the unique aspect of their message is in the introduction. Don’t wait!

And you need to load fast!


In an article for Time Magazine, Kevin McSpadden wrote:

The average attention span for the notoriously ill-focused goldfish is nine seconds, but according to a new study from Microsoft Corp., people now generally lose concentration after eight seconds, highlighting the affects of an increasingly digitalized lifestyle on the brain.

All aboard the introduction train, because the brains of your audience hit park after 8 seconds.

You can be the one to the use the loading zone sign to help you develop the talk of a lifetime. And in the words of my favorite 80’s song

“No parking baby! No parking on the intro!”

I hope this helps you ?

Leave me some great ideas for introductions or any comments on your thoughts