I’m Looking for _____?

I’m Looking for _____?

Hi friend,

Well, I thought I would reach out and ask you a question. Ready? How would you fill in this blank right now?

I’m looking for more_______________( fill in the blank)?

I think so much of life is about learning to fill in the blank of this question with answers! I know I am searching right now to fill in that blank myself with this statement: I’m looking for more prayer support!

On February 12-14, our story of marriage reconciliation will air on Family Talk Live with James Dobson. The program will reach over 5 millions listeners. CRAZY! Yet, we know that we are praying for over 100k marriages to be saved or spared from divorce.

Would you consider being my prayer partner for this ministry? If you would like to be on my prayer team, please respond to this email and I will add your name to a special list. I would consider your support a huge blessing because God answers prayer! Also, I appreciate knowing that people, like you, are standing with me in this process.

This week on the podcast, we have a story from Marsha Gordon , who answered her midlife question with the words, “I’m looking for more purpose and passion!” You can hear her podcast story here at


And lastly, what about you ? What are you looking for?

If you would like to fill in the blank with a response, I would consider it an honor to pray for you too!

Blessings and Let’s do this! Tracey