Family Conflict at Christmas?

Family Conflict at Christmas?

Have you ever experienced a difficult family situation at Christmas?

I know, it’s not ideal to experience conflict at the most wonderful time of the year. ( cringe)

To make matters worst, we experienced the conflict with my friend AND HER WHOLE family in town. Oh Yes, they witnessed a full on show to one of our lowest family moments. A painful experience, to say the least.

My friend and I wrote this podcast together, thinking back with such gratitude at what God has done in our lives.

I hope you enjoy a story about how God brings restoration, even in the midst of family struggles.

Lastly, I would love to hear from you!

Please, leave me a comment or prayer request in the comments below. Share a similar story or maybe some encouragement for another family in crisis. Your comments always mean a lot to me.

Thanks for listening -Tracey