Don’t Make This Fatal Mistake!

Don’t Make This Fatal Mistake!

I’m in the process of starting something new and I just opened an email from Rob Orr.

His advice went straight to my heart! The encouragement from him was to accept the fact that you WILL make mistakes in advance.

Plan to accept the fact that you WILL make mistakes in advance.

Rob Orr gave me some practical tips on how to deal with the fear of making mistakes that I wanted to share with you !

So how about we embrace it? Let’s accept it, plan for it, and make a pact that whenever those situations arise, we’ll use these action steps to overcome the negative downward spiral it can kickstart.

  • Be open and honest. Get it out & get over it. Don’t dwell on it.
  • Success leaves a clear path to follow. If you follow it, the missteps will be minimal and more like growing pains as you find your way instead of serious errors.
  • We rise and fall together. Seriously, I don’t know why people think it’s a lack of skill or character if they have to reach out and lean on someone else. I have seen people get SO much further ahead if they have a great support system than those who don’t.
  • So learn from your mistake.
  • Review, recalculate, revise, and recreate a new plan.
  • Execute the new plan with ferocity

What matters is how you rise after the fall. 

So when you get knocked down, get back up. Dust yourself off. Get yourself together, and keep on keeping on.

Hope you feel encouraged to accept and plan for mistakes and rise up to keep sharing your heart with the world.

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