Mom, Find your Vision!

Mom, Find your Vision!
 I’ve been wondering, where did the real vision for my life get lost along the way of raising my children and helping my husband build his career?
  • The real me used to love adventure without feeling any fear of the future
  • The real me used to love to spend time laying in the grass with my kids watching clouds go by- (Somehow I became the vision of the homework monster and chore nag?)
  • The real me used to be quite fearless to try new things instead of constructing an endless mental maze of “what ifs”and “don’t” and “safe” choices. And I’m so over the exhaustion of this false illusion to keep everyone safe and on the right path.

Where did I go for vision? Where did you go for your vision?

Volunteering at kids school?

I tried so hard to find significance in being the on-time carpool driver, lunch room monitor and Home Schooler to Home Room Mom helper. It never felt completely like the right vision for me. I never found my vision on a sign up sheet to be the class snack mom asking me to please bring the brownies.

Serving in the local church?

I went to church and found my heart filled with God’s word and a love for his people. I signed up to serve in the children’s ministry with every baby and changed lots of diapers. I helped with children’s music ministry, in the background of helping others perform. Vacation Bible Schools in the summer and women’s bible study in the fall. All of these times I found friends and forever memories but I never found my vision signing up to help serve here either.

Going away to experience His world?

I found my first taste of vision away from my everyday world,  when we signed up for our first mission trip to Guatemala. This was going to be a hideous form of camping.I was wrong.

I got away from the noise of all the voices in my head clamoring for me to just sign up for something and finally caught a glimpe of what God was doing in the world!

I found love

I found all the love for my children, all the educational investments, all the Bible studies and all the church service has an even greater purpose in a big world way! Suddenly, God’s kingdom vision opened up and my passion was recharged.

For the first time I saw in action How God loves the whole world-

I found inspiration

I was created to sign up for God’s kingdom work, ever expanding beyond the snacks for my own kids and onto getting food to hungry ones. I was inspired to believe that I could find small ways to help world causes every day!

I found personal vision 

We must become women who quit signing up for everyones vision of what we should do and seek God’s vision for the changes only we are called to create.

Instead of looking at ourselves and our immediate circumstances, we need to look out the window.

We must stop listening to the voices clammoring for our service and take intentional time away to find God’s vision for us in the world.

In the presence of God, we find the vision for the change we are called to create!

ps- I hope I didn’t sign up for brownies because I’m in Rwanda on a vision trip