On the Radio- Going Live with The Bottom Line

On the Radio- Going Live with The Bottom Line

Yesterday, I went back to the future when I used to work in radio stations during college. Okay, well not really, but when I walked into the KBRT radio station, it seemed like an old familiar feeling.

I loved getting to do an interview with Roger Marsh, who is the host of The Bottom Line radio program. It was a surreal feeling to be putting on head phones and sitting in a sound booth doing an interview. I kept wanting to ask myself, “Now how did I get in here again?”

Right now, I am walking into some opportunities to start sharing my story in life. Honestly, it feels so good to be able to reach out and connect with so many new people.

Did I mention as a Type A extrovert, I love talking to new people? YES!!!!

Anyways, I was also working with a producer on a new podcast I will be launching in October called, The Heart of the Story. The podcast was named by a group text chain of my all-time favorite friend group from across the country. The girls came up with the name so if you don’t like it, you will have to text them yourself!

So as the day ended we took a crazy selfie with the producer and the radio host. As we were ready to walk out the door, I realized the doors are just now opening to some things I love the most!

Look out world!

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