Love your kid in the midst of faith struggles!

Love your kid in the midst of faith struggles!

“Mom, Dad, I don’t believe all this Christian stuff in the Bible. You have dragged me to church my whole life and I am done! I am so sick of you forcing me to believe like you do!”

Ever heard of something like this in your house? I sure have!

If you want to be encouraged in your role as a Christian parent or if you would like to encourage a parent who has a child struggling in their faith,

listen to this weeks podcast!

You will LOVE what Sean McDowell has to say as a youth leader and champion of truth for the next generation.

I asked him HARD questions- He had GREAT answers!

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click here to listen!

2 thoughts on “Love your kid in the midst of faith struggles!”

  • Tracey and Sean, thanks for taking the time to record this podcast. It was so encouraging!! As a mom of 5, ages now ranging from 12-22, my husband and I have been in the midst of several faith struggles with our kids. I’m sure we aren’t finished yet. Loving them through these struggles is such a vital part of Christian parenting. We are constantly talking about our faith and sometimes I think we take it too seriously–but it is serious. (Thankfully, my husband is known for his high fun factor.) Through it all, I pray that our kids will see how much we love them, enjoy them and that Christ is truly the most important treasure to seek all the days of their lives. Blessings to you both!

    • Thank you so much for sharing Kimberly! I can relate to so much of your comment and I do believe our children will see the love we have for them in the big picture. Also, I know God is writing the story even when I can’t see the evidence of it in my child’s life. He is faithful!
      Thank you for sharing!

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