It’s your year to shine in 2020!

It’s your year to shine in 2020!

You have been given a gift to share with others, regardless of your faults and fears.

Recently, I received the edits back from an editor on my first book. Here was her review:

Well, we know you can’t spell, you have a terrible use of grammar and I should have charged you more money to edit this for all the time I had to spend”

I felt so ill-equipped and even unqualified to be sharing a message of faith with others. I can relate to the frustrations and fear of feeling called to share but having others criticize you in the process.

What is your response when others don’t think you are qualified or capable of sharing a message that can impact lives?

Here is what I found that can help you!

#1 ) I decided to see myself as a star instead of hiding under the fear of my own insecurities!

Listen to this mini podcast story for inspiration:

#2) I laughed at my limitations. That is right- I laughed because she is right!

I know I can’t spell but …..

I know three things about God

    He has called me to start imperfectly not to be perfect !
    He has called me to be ALL In and not to be “All in All.”:
    He has everything I need and I can trust His ability to use me for His purpose in 2020!

Will you step up and share a message of faith from your heart too?

This year I hope you shine like a star and consider one of my new online groups that will be launching :

The Art of my Story Online Virtual Cohort Group !

Looking for a fresh vision and fresh perspective for 2020? Feeling frustrated or confused with how to find your story that will impact others and changed lives? Want to learn how to change your life focus in the next half of life? Then this group is for you!

Topic: Find your story and your vision for 2020

Monday at 7:00 pm Eastern time 4:00 PST

Feb 3- March 2 Cost is $299.00

You will get focused and save valuable time with the power of coaching and expert direction. We will be helping you

  • find your present strengths,
    your past story of faith overcoming fear
  • your future vision for helping others.

—Imagine what it would feel like to know that other women have chosen faith over fear because of your story and your priority in 2020!

Read reviews from others :

PS- As a bonus, you will receive a free 30 minute personalized coaching session for joining our group!

Contact me for any additional information_ or leave a message in the comment section –

Happy New Year ! Start shining little star!


2 thoughts on “It’s your year to shine in 2020!”

  • Great post. Thanks for sharing. Also, when others don’t think you are qualified, re-affirm who you are in Christ. Your spiritual identity is the basis of how you see yourself and others. Have a great new year. May u accomplish all your great goals! Keep serving the king!
    Pastor Mike Calvary Chapel Lexington,SC

    • Hi Mike- Thank you so much for your response and your insight as a Pastor at Calvary Chapel! I need to add that thought to the post to re-affirm spiritual identity in Christ. Great point! Keep listening and keep adding insight for others on my blog. blessings, Tracey

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