Episode 4: Find the power in your love story

Episode 4: Find the power in your love story

What erodes our love story in marriage?

Believe it or not, every married person has a story in their mind every day about how they choose to view their partner.

On this podcast you will learn the questions you need to catch that story and tell yourself a new one that is full of positive affirmation. Learn the difference between your thoughts, emotions and actions and which area is the most critical to change.

Discover the difference between the negative sentiments ( the awful story of criticism) we tell ourselves over time and how to reenforce positive sentiments about our spouse.

Also, learn the daily practice to keep your romantic love story alive.


Powerful Questions to catch your story:

1.) Is this true? Never, always, should Can you shift one word to seldom or sometimes?

2.) Is this helpful? Be friendly to yourself and your marriage with your thoughts

3.) Is there anything that is in disagreement to my belief set or to scripture?

4.) Is there another perspective?

Let’s get to it in rewriting the love story in our minds!

Xoxo xoxo Tracey –

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