Bloom with love!

Bloom with love!

True Story: Just yesterday, I heard Faith say in her room, “only a father’s love makes a rose bush bloom like this!” It’s neat to see the imprint of this story on her heart.

Recently, I have been going to talk to my neighbor next door. She is battling terminal cancer but has such a sweet spirit. The rose bush gives Faith a way to walk over with flowers for her to brighten her day. God’s love always causes us to bloom we we can share that growth with others.

As mothers, we have that ability to tell our kids stories and phrases that will be remembered for years to come. I bet you have shared a few with your kids? What are some of your stories or phrases that have become a part of your family? I’d love to hear.

If so, leave me a comment in the review on Apple podcast or whatever platform you listen on.

I hope you like today’s story.

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