Statement of Faith

Dandelion Globe With Seeds

The purpose of this ministry is to reach out to women with the transformational power of Jesus Christ to change hearts and lives with the word of God.

I believe in Christ alone as the atonement for sin, crucified, resurrected, and seated in heaven, interceding for the saints, and coming again.

I believe in the infallible word of God—the Bible—inspired, written by man as led by the Holy Spirit for the teaching, training, and reproofing of men to help them lead a godly life.

I believe in the unity of the Trinity, God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit alive and active in the hearts of men.

I believe in the importance of unity among believers of every Christian denomination who are wholehearted followers of Jesus Christ and the Bible.

I believe in the transformational power of Jesus Christ present to all believers, not only as a one-time act of salvation, but a daily outpouring of His spirit to bring about spiritual change, redeeming the past, the mistakes, the wrong choices, and even the future for greater kingdom purpose and a deeper walk of faith .

I believe in the importance of the body of Christ to become the hands and feet of Jesus Christ, caring for those who are poor in spiritual, physical, financial, and emotional ways.