Do it Afraid!

Do it Afraid !

Do it afraid !

A poem written for you by Tracey Russell to help you jump into action!

You’re all set and ready to start,

then something happens in your heart-

Paralyzed, you just can’t jump

 Motivation hits a slump!

Something tries to push you back

hold you down, turn you back!

Is it the thought you won’t succeed?

Will God forget to meet your need?

Emotions swirl and grip you tight,

but this is when you need to fight!

Do it Afraid!

Hold your nose, if you must!

leap with faith, learn to trust!

DO it Afraid, jump in the air

You’ll always find God waiting there!

He gives you strength for each new day

He rewards your effort along the way

Do it afraid, Push back tears

Don’t give into gripping fears!

Remember a time within the past,

You made it through, when you couldn’t last?

You are stronger than you know

God uses risk to help you grow.

So do it afraid, whatever the call

It’s better than not doing “it” at all!



Tracey Russell –








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