It’s the big day!!!

It’s the big day!!!

Hi Friends-

Dr. James Dobson Family Talk is airing our story on National Christian Radio Stations for the next three days!

I am so excited to share something special for you! I have my first free email series to serve marriages and share the radio program link.

EXTRA BONUS: I am sharing some personal stories that were not aired on the show. They are included in the devotional series I created called,

Save My Marriage Story- 7 Devotions to encourage your faith and you marriage. These devotions are for anyone who needs heartfelt inspiration and courageous faith for their relationship. With Valentines Day just around the corner, share this link with anyone who would love FREE ACCESS too!

Help me in reaching 100k women with these stories and more.

Click the link below to get FREE access to the show and the devotional material.

Beyond blessed to be your friend- Tracey

PS Can’t even believe I was able to meet this amazing man, who wrote a book that changed my life. Yep, that’s Dr. James Dobson.

2 thoughts on “It’s the big day!!!”

  • Your story touched my heart so much. I’ve been praying for the God-given courage ever since I heard you on Dr. Dobson’s program. Thank you for your story. Today, when my husband started belittling me, he threatened separation, which much like you, I’ve always begged him not to talk like that. Today when he said that to me, I told him to go file then. I’m praying for a miracle. He did not go file, but I’m tired of the empty threats and tears. I am a strong woman in every aspect of my life, however, I’ve felt powerless until today. Prayers are appreciated. Thank you for blessing me with your story. Beauty for ashes indeed. ♥️

  • You hit it out of the ballpark, Tracey! When one stands on the principles of God, speaks truth to themselves, and literally puts self into the hand of God, He takes care of the details. The principles Dr. Dobson shares work! Prayer and the Holy Spirit bring hope AND power! As illustrated in your life, God can soften the hardest heart. It is all in His timing. So proud of you for being willing to do the hard work. Love you T!

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