Event Speaker

Event Speaker

I am passionate about inspiring live audiences into purposeful action – I always use personal stories and creative messages to infuse listeners with courage to take action in the specific areas of their calling. So, yes, I would love to come speak at your event! I will engage your audience personally and provide a memorable and meaningful experience.

I speak to women wherever they are and where we gather: houses, larger groups, one on one.. from business groups and coffee shops to international locations!

  • Women’s Events, MOPS, Retreats, Workshops – I have a life’s worth of meaningful and relatable messages I can share
  • Fundraising Events – I can speak about the value of giving and serving others
  • Original Talk – I can brainstorm with you to develop something special just for your event

Contact Me to discuss how I can help you with your event!


  • Cultivating Your Purpose: An interactive engagement of the senses, this talk walks the attendees through planting their own herb garden and growing their unique spiritual purpose in the soil of their souls.
  • Repurposed! Embracing God’s purpose for your life
  • The Image of Love – my marriage testimony (remarriage story)
  • The Art of My Story – creating a meaningful and memorable message (creative messaging)


“Our women are all still talking about how powerfully they experienced the grace and love of Jesus through your message of being re-purposed by Him! Women came away deeply encouraged by your authenticity and vulnerability. It made you and your words believable and the situations they are facing more hopeful all because of the beauty of your own life re-purposed by the Lord! I am deeply thankful for you and can tell you with joy that you were more than I could have hoped for or imagined in my prayers for the retreat and how the Lord would use you! ”

— Kathy- First Presbyterian Tampa, Florida

“I wanted to thank you for sharing God’s re-purposing of your life. I loved your illustrations but most of all your honesty. The women from Hope Now, a correctional transition center, were glued to every word you said. They had so much application and desire God’s recycling program for their hearts too!”

— Katie Goodell, Leader of Hope for Incarcerated Families.