Praying over you today!

Praying over you today!

I started the morning reading my bible. The book of Psalms described how we are to proclaim God’s work to the generations. As I read the words, I thought, God how can I proclaim you today? Next, I opened my computer and started reading emails. […]

Cyber Monday Retreat Sale!

Cyber Monday Virtual Retreat -Half Price Sale with bonus offer ! Do you want more peace and joy this holiday season? I feel called to inspire 100k into kingdom action this Christmas. (Even in lockdowns, closures, elections, and limitations, God is calling us to live with greater […]

3 Biggest Mistakes for Women

What gets in the way of living our purpose and doing that “thing” we want to do in our hearts for God? Mistake #1– We get stopped, stuck and stalled and don’t have a way to get recharged. Chocolate is just not gonna do the […]

Cause I’m asking You!

Want to know why most women do not step out to communicate the message in their hearts? Reason #1: We wait to be asked! If no one asks us to share or to do something, we keep waiting… and waiting… Okay, so I am officially […]

Free Summit, Just for You!

Hi Friend – Im just so excited to be sending you this email. Guess What? I’ve been praying how I can serve you with so much negativity and heaviness in their world. I believe we all need to be inspired and encouraged in our unique […]